The residential community is the heart of The Way.

Residential Program

The residential community is the heart of The Way.  Men who come to live at The Way, often from a boarding house, hospital, or squat, find more than just a room to sleep in.  Meals are communal around a big kitchen table, and volunteers drop in to cook a meal, have a chat, or simply play a game of draughts.  Staff members are always available to respond to any challenges or difficulties.  Relationships are very important to us.  We aim to be more than an ‘accommodation service’, which is why volunteers are so important to the mission of The Way.​


Upon arrival, each resident works with staff to develop a case management plan based around the support he needs to deal with medical, psychiatric, financial, legal or other issues.  Many of our residents are referred by programs such as the Royal District Nursing Service Homeless Persons Program, or local hospitals and clinics that deal with substance use or mental illness.  People struggling with these issues can easily become isolated, and we work hard to keep our residents connected to the wider community.​


Many people referred to The Way have fallen through the cracks of the system, and don’t fit well into other services.  We are pleased to be able to take people who might otherwise struggle to find appropriate accommodation.  Our residents are the at the heart of our community, and they help to make The Way the special place that it is.  If they leave, we continue to support them with our outreach services.  If they are in hospital, we visit regularly, often with other residents.  We celebrate birthdays and Christmas.  These are just some of the ways we fulfil our mission statement - to be a community of dignity, loving care and belonging.